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Below are my most recent works. If you like to discuss how my creative can help solve your business challenge please do not hesitate to email me and we’ll set up some time to talk. – Thanks!

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“Collaborating with Chad is such a great experience. He brings a youthful and positive energy to his work, taking the lead to make suggestions on how to make the project better and more creative. He doesn’t wait to be told, he is proactive. He is calm and focused under pressure, organized and has the ability to read and react quickly, efficiently and appropriately to different situations.”

Tammy Nguyen Lee, Director of Development, Original Programming, AMS Pictures

“I worked with Chad on a very demanding short film and Chad is the master of set Zen: he provides calm and focus, fostering a creative environment that helps everyone do their best work. He helped the director fully realize his vision and gently guided the cast and crew to stay true to that vision. The actors were particularly impressed with the way he looked out for us – we knew that if we stretched and gave that extra bit, Chad had us covered.”

Matteson Claus, actress

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Reel Women

Family Digest

Texas Department of Agriculture

Texas Education Agency

Frito Lay

Addy Awards Austin

Austin Business Journal

Town Lake Trail Foundation

Condé Nast, Portfolio Magazine

MADD Austin chapter

Zales Jewelry

Compass Learning

Phenix and Phenix Literary Publicists

Texas Rowing Center

American Red Cross of Central Texas

The SIMS Foundation

Fairdale Bikes

Reserve Supply Co.

The Hospitable Viking


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