July to July

It’s been a long and winding year from summer to summer. As Wayne Campbell once said “a little older; a little wiser.” A lot has changed in my riding, my bike, my process as a filmmaker, how I set up and run my camera packages.

The one project that is truly indicative of pushing myself to 100% and giving a project my full attention and effort was filming/editing Dylan McCauley’s Mutiny/Madera split edit.

I started out as an old, salty dog, trail rider and ended up a new school, spot hunting, creative spot use street rider. That may not mean a lot to many filmmakers but that would be the equivalent of switching from film to digital.

We rode hours on end, went through several clip battles, fought through sweltering Houston heat, celebrated small victories with burritos and beers, invested in a roof rack and finally as the project neared completion it all started to feel like it was finally hitting a stride and smooth pace.

Here’s an example project of what’s possible today in action sports filmmaking when you push all the way to the limit.

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