Everything I do I believe is motivated by my insatiable drive to create and tell stories through the majesty of cinema. I believe that filmmaking is the most meaningful form of communication that has the power to say more than just what can be seen and heard. I am a filmmaker because I passionately believe that visual storytelling is the most effective way to translate ambiguous ideas and messages into meaningful understanding that truly moves people.

I’ve played a key creative role in nationally broadcast programs, feature-length documentaries, national commercials, public service announcements and corporate videos. I have served on crews large and small in innumerable capacities, but my heart beats hardest behind the camera and compositing visually rich motion graphics into my projects.


Outside of filmmaking I’m a husband to my beautiful wife Kerrisa and dad to son Knox and Levi. We’re a family charged with energy for traveling to new states to try new specialty foods wherever we go. #TreanorTravels

When I’m not funneling my creative energy into passion projects or planning a trip to a new city I run LandmarkBMX.com; a BMX travel website focused entirely on exploring new street spots, traveling to new cities, meeting new friends and documenting the creative use of street spots. #OurLandmarks