Recent Spot Work Spring 2012

  Here's a short post on some of the work I've been producing at Bluwave Productions in Houston lately. I always believed that I was working in a 'fast paced environment' at other production/post houses, but this is off the charts. Spot work is so short and so fast that you truly have to be able … Continue reading Recent Spot Work Spring 2012

Pedal People is going to NY today!

Finally exporting my cycling documentary, "Pedal People," and getting ready to Fedex it overnight to NY for the Bicycle Film Festival. Can't wait to do a group ride to the premiere of the film! The film is presently fifteen minutes, but I'm going to edit a longer cut for all the Austinites to see why … Continue reading Pedal People is going to NY today!

Pedal People is in full on post-production now

It's been a few months of production and only a few weeks of post, but my new cycling documentary, Why We Ride, is about to be picture locked. Next up is sound mixing, color grading and finalizing the credits! I forget sometimes what its like to hole up in the house when I'm in full … Continue reading Pedal People is in full on post-production now

Team Super Awesome Goes to Dallas!

Check out this unicorn, rainbow loving cycle cross team as they venture to the land of Dallas to race in the Texas State Championship Cycle Cross races. Thanks to Wiley Mosley for driving the Team Super Awesome "starship super awesome" for all of us on the journey. Thanks dude.

BMX demo reel: Part I

I grew up racing bmx back in the early 90's and later went on to dirt jumping, street and park riding. I always seemed to have a camera around when I would go on weekend trips from Houston to Austin to document our riding and the fun we'd all have. I would always make our … Continue reading BMX demo reel: Part I

A fun thirty minutes at the parking garage: “Concrete Coast”

My friend Josh and I went up to the top of the closest parking garage to make a short film about long boarding and how much fun it is. Shot on Canon EOS 7D | edited in final cut pro | graded in Apple Color. Entire video produced in less than five hours.