Reserve Supply Co. One Year Anniversary party

The end of May brought about the first year anniversary of Houston's own Reserve Supply Co. the source for style and accessories for those that favor hand crafted men's products. I put together this event video of their festivities of live music, cafe racers, Texas Pizza & Beer and awesome memories for all that were … Continue reading Reserve Supply Co. One Year Anniversary party

2011 Wedding Highlight Reel

My 2011 Wedding Highlight reel spans a four beautiful weddings I served as a camera operator on. The challenge in this case was editing together a piece that exemplifies my work and shows a little bit of everything from each wedding. Never a bad thing to have too many good shots!

Found footage of the Hump Day Nooner group ride from 3-30-2011 edit

As I was thumbing around through some of my media for my cycling documentary "Pedal People" I found some footage of one of Austin's fallen cyclist friends Joseph De La Cruz. After seeing the footage again I had to put something together so that all my friends could remember Joe the way we remember him … Continue reading Found footage of the Hump Day Nooner group ride from 3-30-2011 edit

2011-05-15 SIMS shoot at Threadgills

Yesterday evening I had the privilege of serving as a gaffer and second camera on a project for SIMS. SIMS is a foundation that provides access to financial support for mental health and addiction recovery services for Austin-area musicians and their families. We set up some interviews with Alejandro Escovedo and David Garza and listened to why … Continue reading 2011-05-15 SIMS shoot at Threadgills

Art show at the 29th street ballroom

Apparently the "United States Art Authority" (right next to spider house)is now the "29th Street Ballroom" where an art show was held to display the works of: Skot Cambell, Kalleen Chilcote, Andrea Nelson, Brent Nutting and Jeff Swanson. There were quite a few people there for the event and music by STEREOTYPEWRITER. Good times had … Continue reading Art show at the 29th street ballroom

T1 summer of shred jam video

Summer of SHRED jam at T1 in Austin Texas. Thanks to all the riders Walli, Kyle Davenport, Logan Balbirona, Hollywood, Chase Hawk, Joe Rich, Jack Jolley, Big Rob, Pants, Josh Gordon, John Barker, Joseph Franz, Tony Sanchez, Skinny, Tony Cardona, Steve-O, Hanson Little, Francis Dulles and Evan Paul. I know I wasn't able to get … Continue reading T1 summer of shred jam video