A Stroll Down the 16th Street Mall at 180fps blog post

https://vimeo.com/131213724 Back in April I was in Denver Colorado producing a few corporate films for the new KPMG Ignition center and on this particular trip I had rented a Sony FS7 for the final b-roll shoot of folks working in the new office spaces. Like any inquiring mind I spent every waking chance I had … Continue reading A Stroll Down the 16th Street Mall at 180fps blog post

Travel light

Over the past ten years or so I've been asked many times "so you work in video, but what do you do exactly?" to which I've answered "I pretty much do everything." Ever since I got started I've worked on bmx/skate videos, legal depositions, weddings, commercials, documentaries, public service announcements, corporate videos, marketing videos; the list goes on. … Continue reading Travel light

Reserve Supply Co. One Year Anniversary party

The end of May brought about the first year anniversary of Houston's own Reserve Supply Co. the source for style and accessories for those that favor hand crafted men's products. I put together this event video of their festivities of live music, cafe racers, Texas Pizza & Beer and awesome memories for all that were … Continue reading Reserve Supply Co. One Year Anniversary party

Bacon Austin happy hour promo

Bacon Austin recently opened their doors in September and their happy hour is super awesome! Check out this quick promo I put together of "USA" mural time lapse and happy hour beers/prices!

Fairdale Bikes pannier skate rack video

Lately I've been working with Taj Mihelich over at Fairdale bikes and we've recently put up a new video to promote their super rad pannier skate rack. This video is totally Taj's style, and sense of humor, and it was a blast shooting with one of my child hood heroes. Take a look and let … Continue reading Fairdale Bikes pannier skate rack video

Tom & Tony’s Texas Cookout video is up!

A few weeks ago Tom LaMarche & Tony Fast came down to the lone star state to get some pedaling in, see some sights and enjoy the Texas heat. John Prolly asked if I'd come out and film with the guys. No set schedule or any objectives at all, just having fun pedaling some bikes … Continue reading Tom & Tony’s Texas Cookout video is up!

Concrete Coast 2 is up

I finished the second installment of my mini-series of long boarding/pool boarding videos called Concrete Coast with my friends Josh Gordon and Bobby Davis. This one is a little bit more expressive than the last, but is still entertaining.

Amazing what you can do in 35 minutes these days…

My roommate came back from Houston for a home visit with three little guests! These are red and blue healer mixed puppies and a short little video of them to try and get them adopted here in Austin. Needless to say, they weren't around long. So cute it might make you vomit. Enjoy.

Pedal People is going to NY today!

Finally exporting my cycling documentary, "Pedal People," and getting ready to Fedex it overnight to NY for the Bicycle Film Festival. Can't wait to do a group ride to the premiere of the film! The film is presently fifteen minutes, but I'm going to edit a longer cut for all the Austinites to see why … Continue reading Pedal People is going to NY today!

Team Super Awesome Goes to Dallas!

Check out this unicorn, rainbow loving cycle cross team as they venture to the land of Dallas to race in the Texas State Championship Cycle Cross races. Thanks to Wiley Mosley for driving the Team Super Awesome "starship super awesome" for all of us on the journey. Thanks dude.