The Chad and Kerrisa Review

TheChadandKerrisaReview, a photo by CH4Dtreanor on Flickr.Good tidings for our future lay in this easy to read newsletter to our friends and family that we're gettin hitched! That, and a few other major headlines. Enjoy!

Filming with John Prolly

I've been out filming all over Austin with John Prolly with his bros Tom LaMarche, AJ and Fast Tony. We've been having fun in all of Austin's ditches, banks and downtown streets. Not to mention spending some time in the springs at the end of the day. Keep your eyes peeled for an edit to … Continue reading Filming with John Prolly

Art show at the 29th street ballroom

Apparently the "United States Art Authority" (right next to spider house)is now the "29th Street Ballroom" where an art show was held to display the works of: Skot Cambell, Kalleen Chilcote, Andrea Nelson, Brent Nutting and Jeff Swanson. There were quite a few people there for the event and music by STEREOTYPEWRITER. Good times had … Continue reading Art show at the 29th street ballroom

Josh Gordon filming at the Bamboozled House

Josh Gordon and I have been riding BMX together for almost 15 years now and what I love most about riding with my best mate is his ambition for fun. That ambition has led him to be one of the new additions to the flow team of riders on Specialized and has been shredding all … Continue reading Josh Gordon filming at the Bamboozled House

John Barker filming at T1

John Barker is one of the flow team riders on Specialized and has been ripping it up at T1, all over Austin and his own back yard ramps we donned the name the "Bamboozled House" motivated by all the crazy fun times we've had riding the backyard ramps surrounded by bamboo. John and I are … Continue reading John Barker filming at T1