A Stroll Down the 16th Street Mall at 180fps blog post

https://vimeo.com/131213724 Back in April I was in Denver Colorado producing a few corporate films for the new KPMG Ignition center and on this particular trip I had rented a Sony FS7 for the final b-roll shoot of folks working in the new office spaces. Like any inquiring mind I spent every waking chance I had … Continue reading A Stroll Down the 16th Street Mall at 180fps blog post

Wifi at 25,000 feet

We really are living in the future and I can't help but hear the echoes of the Jetson's theme song far off in the distance. This post shall serve as my first communiqué from a Boeing 737 enabled with wifi and I can't help but feel like this is completely, mind blowingly amazing. Editing together … Continue reading Wifi at 25,000 feet

An illustrated letter to user experience designers

Dear Non-Linear Editor User Experience Designers

Over the past few years I've discovered that people like myself whom are responsible for creating digital content through the majesty of cinema are challenged with attempting to edit their stories right on the timeline. I've often told clients that 'I've been editing so long that I don't see the waveforms anymore, all I see … Continue reading Dear Non-Linear Editor User Experience Designers

Reserve Supply Co. One Year Anniversary party

The end of May brought about the first year anniversary of Houston's own Reserve Supply Co. the source for style and accessories for those that favor hand crafted men's products. I put together this event video of their festivities of live music, cafe racers, Texas Pizza & Beer and awesome memories for all that were … Continue reading Reserve Supply Co. One Year Anniversary party

Here goes!

I finally got around to using my comp codes from when I worked at Apple for licenses to OSX Lion, Final Cut X and Aperture. After backing up everything I cherished I installed I began installing. First, I relished in the new look and feel of the fresh operating system for a while before installing … Continue reading Here goes!

2011 Wedding Highlight Reel

My 2011 Wedding Highlight reel spans a four beautiful weddings I served as a camera operator on. The challenge in this case was editing together a piece that exemplifies my work and shows a little bit of everything from each wedding. Never a bad thing to have too many good shots!

Motion Design Montage for: The Good Fight

This montage represents the work I completed as the online editor for the feature length documentary "The Good Fight: James Farmer Remembers the Civil Rights Movement." We used animated stills, film photo composites, high resolution archival still images and unique illustrated look to tell the story of how James Farmer sacrificed so much in his … Continue reading Motion Design Montage for: The Good Fight

Bacon Austin happy hour promo

Bacon Austin recently opened their doors in September and their happy hour is super awesome! Check out this quick promo I put together of "USA" mural time lapse and happy hour beers/prices!