Coming & Going: Chicago

People always ask what its like to travel for work all the time and I frequently reply that “it isn’t all that glamorous.” When you’re pushing a 300lb cart to a rental car or UBER only to go straight your hotel, then a shoot and then right back to the airport kind of deflates all the fun and excitement out of exploring the unknown. This new short video series is called “Coming & Going” and is a stand against that mind set. This series will look at traveling for work differently. Positively.

In this episode, I had just spent nearly 9 hours flying from IAH to ORD for a training function for work and not a shoot. I was there for 3 days and on the first night I arrived at my hotel room at 1:30am and found Chicago to be mesmerizing as the night grew later and later. That’s when I thought of recording a little bit of the exploration I would push against the norm of ‘just going back to the hotel room’ every day and get out in a new city to roll some footage for fun. I set this short series to one of my favorite film scores by none other than Jon Brion’s “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” I don’t own the rights nor a synch license, but wanted to share my experience in the mood and feeling as I was rolling.



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