the look of Landmark BMX

For almost a year I’ve been collaborating with several Houston BMX locals to give something back to the BMX community and that has taken the form of BMX landmark spot maps. We call it “LandmarkBMX” because we don’t give directions by street signs or addresses. The BMX community speaks about spatial relativity in the form of proximity to notorious spots. This website serves the community to help BMX riders from out of town plan their trips to visit and make the most of their time on their trip. Simultaneously, the website also enables the locals to plan photo shoots, video shoots and supports the scene by putting on events.

One facet that I’m most proud of is giving the brand an identity that aligns with the culture. One of being “out in the streets.” We say “we out here” to let each other know that we’re not asleep, we’re not waiting and we’re literally pushing ourselves, our spot hunting and our creative use of spots. These are some of the blog’s featured images that drive traffic to the site on facebook, instagram and on the website.

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