“I produced a :30 TV spot for a Texas State Agency (one in Spanish and one in English) and Chad Treanor was the lead editor. He was fast, innovative and willing to work long hours to get the job done on time. Chad has a passion for creativity and it manifests in a wonderful attitude. I would work with Chad any day of the week!”

Kim (Dunn) Clemons, Senior Writer/Producer, AMS Pictures

“I have worked as freelance sound mixer with Chad on a number of video productions over the last four years. My experience working with him has been nothing but positive. He is always focused, organized, and delivers a consistent and high quality product. Chad would be an asset to any organization that hired him.”

Ryan Leathers, Recording Engineer at The Sound Lab Inc.

“Chad delivered outstanding animation for my documentary “The Good Fight: James Farmer Remembers the Civil Rights Movement.” His work ethic, tenacity for acquiring new skills, flexible attitude, and artistic vision are all equally commendable.”

Jessica Schoenbaechler, Writer/Producer, AMS Pictures

“Collaborating with Chad is such a great experience. He brings a youthful and positive energy to his work, taking the lead to make suggestions on how to make the project better and more creative. He doesn’t wait to be told, he is proactive. He is calm and focused under pressure, organized and has the ability to read and react quickly, efficiently and appropriately to different situations.”

Tammy Nguyen Lee, Director of Development, Original Programming, AMS Pictures

“As a freelance director/producer I have had the opportunity to work with Chad in several roles. His excellence and earnestness always was present from early call times to overtime. When we were shooting he was very professional, knowledgeable, as well as alert and focused. When we would work in an edit session together he would always bring great ideas to our team while moving swiftly through the tasks of assembly.”

Dennis Fagan, Freelance director/Owner at Dennis Fagan, Still & Moving Pictures

“As a digital media artist Chad not only brings the technical know-how to bring ideas to life, but has the passion and skills required to help develop and craft a creative vision. From graphics to cinematography to overall production he is certainly an asset to any production or project. I would recommend Chad to anybody who is looking to bring a hungry, capable, creative attitude to the table.”

Peter Murner, Account Manager, AMS Pictures

“Chad is one of the most visually creative individuals I have had the pleasure of working with the past few years. He was a key member on a number of jobs that benefited greatly from his production and post skills. His innovative ideas and passion for media make him a valuable addition to any production.”

Monika Watkins, Producer, AMS Pictures

“I worked with Chad on a very demanding short film and Chad is the master of set Zen: he provides calm and focus, fostering a creative environment that helps everyone do their best work. He helped the director fully realize his vision and gently guided the cast and crew to stay true to that vision. The actors were particularly impressed with the way he looked out for us – we knew that if we stretched and gave that extra bit, Chad had us covered.”

Matteson Claus, actress