A Stroll Down the 16th Street Mall at 180fps blog post

https://vimeo.com/131213724 Back in April I was in Denver Colorado producing a few corporate films for the new KPMG Ignition center and on this particular trip I had rented a Sony FS7 for the final b-roll shoot of folks working in the new office spaces. Like any inquiring mind I spent every waking chance I had … Continue reading A Stroll Down the 16th Street Mall at 180fps blog post

Waffle Street book trailer

Over the past five years or so I've edited close to a dozen or more book trailers for novels. I really like the direction that print media is heading these days especially with the likes of trailers like these! This is a trailer for a book called Waffle Street produced by some great guys over at … Continue reading Waffle Street book trailer

Motion Design Montage for: The Good Fight

This montage represents the work I completed as the online editor for the feature length documentary "The Good Fight: James Farmer Remembers the Civil Rights Movement." We used animated stills, film photo composites, high resolution archival still images and unique illustrated look to tell the story of how James Farmer sacrificed so much in his … Continue reading Motion Design Montage for: The Good Fight

Concrete Coast 2 is up

I finished the second installment of my mini-series of long boarding/pool boarding videos called Concrete Coast with my friends Josh Gordon and Bobby Davis. This one is a little bit more expressive than the last, but is still entertaining.

Texas Rowing Center promotional video

I directed the photography and edited this promotional piece for the Texas Rowing Center while at AMS Pictures in early 2010. The producer/director's vision was to convey all the different aspects of how the TRC is different from all the other rowing centers in Austin Texas. Shot with Panasonic HPX500 and HVX200/graded in FCP.

Cinematography Reel

My cinematography reel is now up so press play and contact me at CH4Dtreanor@gmail.com. ENJOY!

A weekend at red box video

I made this video a month or two ago about my friend's josh, logan and I out at a trail spot called "Red Box" in austin TX. Check it out.