July to July

It's been a long and winding year from summer to summer. As Wayne Campbell once said "a little older; a little wiser." A lot has changed in my riding, my bike, my process as a filmmaker, how I set up and run my camera packages. The one project that is truly indicative of pushing myself … Continue reading July to July

Harper’s Landing bowl flyover

This is the Harpers Landing bowl in the Woodlands Texas located at: 845 S Trade Center Blvd, Conroe, TX 77385 Parking is on Blair street which is just to the North of S Trade Center Blvd. When you see the pool entrance you're there. For more info check out: https://thewoodlandstownship-tx.gov/Facilities/Facility/Details/Harpers-Landing-Park-37

Ridgewood Skatepark flyover

This is Ridgewood skatepark in the Woodlands Texas located at: 4192 Interfaith Way The Woodlands, TX 77381 For more info check out: http://thewoodlandstownship-tx.gov/Facilities/Facility/Details/Ridgewood-Park-114

Reserve Supply Co. One Year Anniversary party

The end of May brought about the first year anniversary of Houston's own Reserve Supply Co. the source for style and accessories for those that favor hand crafted men's products. I put together this event video of their festivities of live music, cafe racers, Texas Pizza & Beer and awesome memories for all that were … Continue reading Reserve Supply Co. One Year Anniversary party

Armadillo Hill Country Classic Ride

I made this short video for the Austin Cycling Association for their annual Armadillo Hill Country Classic ride. I got to register for the 14 mile ride (shortest distance), but it wasn't easy because I had all my camera gear on me. In addition to that I wasn't able to make arrangements to borrow a … Continue reading Armadillo Hill Country Classic Ride

Concrete Coast 2 is up

I finished the second installment of my mini-series of long boarding/pool boarding videos called Concrete Coast with my friends Josh Gordon and Bobby Davis. This one is a little bit more expressive than the last, but is still entertaining.

Josh Gordon filming at the Bamboozled House

Josh Gordon and I have been riding BMX together for almost 15 years now and what I love most about riding with my best mate is his ambition for fun. That ambition has led him to be one of the new additions to the flow team of riders on Specialized and has been shredding all … Continue reading Josh Gordon filming at the Bamboozled House

A day in a ditch, but in a good way.

Today made me feel like I was 16 all over again. Towards the end of the day Josh and I convinced four of our other dudes to come out to ride/skate this ditch in South Austin. It took some work, but once we all got out there and had some fun pedaling in a rad … Continue reading A day in a ditch, but in a good way.

John Barker filming at T1

John Barker is one of the flow team riders on Specialized and has been ripping it up at T1, all over Austin and his own back yard ramps we donned the name the "Bamboozled House" motivated by all the crazy fun times we've had riding the backyard ramps surrounded by bamboo. John and I are … Continue reading John Barker filming at T1

Specialized flow team – filming in progress

I've been working with a few of the flow team riders for Specialized working on a couple web edits. These guys are killing it and I can't wait to edit these short videos for your viewing pleasure. Stay tuned...